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Brief History about Federation

No broad based data is available on the Origin. History, and growth of Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE). There are more than one version about the year in which it was formed and the number of Associations that formed part of it.

While late R.C. Das, Ex-General Secretary of FWICE is on record that it was formed in the year 1958 with 11 craft Associations. The Report of an Enquiry into the Conditions of Labour in the Cinema Industry in Bombay State mentions that it was formed on 19th March 1956 with the affiliations of seven Craft Associations.

A meeting was convened by the Film Writers Association in its Office at Famous Cine Studios on 6th December 1954 to explore the possibility of having a Federation of all Associations. Two representatives from each association were invited to participate in this meeting. A decision to form Federation of Western India Cine Employees was taken in this meeting

From 28th February, 1958 when cine workers, after a lot of deliberations under the able guidance and leadership of pioneers of the film trade unions established their parents body under the Trade Union Act, 1926, we have come a long way and fully justified the trust, hope and expectations of Cine Workers.


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